sexta-feira, 18 de março de 2011

Louis Vuitton: new campaign and pop-up store in Cannes

Sam Taylor to Louis Vuitton
Contrary to the digital photography, Louis Vuitton clicked personalities in a traditional manner, through a process used in the 19th century, in which plaque is revealed by asolution of collodion, which results in images that look aged. Sam Taylor, a photographer, artist and director of the film Nowhere Boy, was the first to pose for the campaign Double Exposure (see the video behind the scenesbelow), which also will click their models with some of his personal belongings and has launched today in London.
More news from the fashion house, fashion house will open a pop-up store in Cannes in May, during the film festival in the city. The decoration of the store is inspired by the beach and in the cinema and focus are the parts of the LV for the night.


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